Replacement Windows and Insulated Vinyl Siding for Residents of Chicago, IL & Area Suburbs

In partnership with Associated Materials, Inc., Elite Remodeling Group proudly offers eZone – a highly innovative brand of home windows and vinyl siding. There are many reasons why our eZone-brand replacement windows and vinyl siding are a good option, but like all homeowners, you deserve a brand of windows and siding that gives you the performance you need, without being overpriced. We feel that this is one of the defining characteristics of the eZone brand. For homeowners in Chicago and the Chicagoland suburbs, eZone home windows and vinyl siding offer incredible value for the money.

Plus, at Elite Remodeling Group, two decades in the home remodeling business have taught us a thing or two about which features homeowners value most in their windows and siding. Our eZone home windows and vinyl siding are designed with these preferences specifically in mind, and are built to perform at an optimal level year-round, whatever the weather conditions.

Energy-Efficient, High-Performance Replacement Windows and Siding Available in Chicago, Illinois & Chicagoland Suburbs

eZone-brand replacement windows and siding from Elite Remodeling Group have many advantageous features. Our eZone windows, for example, boast frames that are made of virgin composite uPVC vinyl and have a heavy-duty, reinforced construction. Their low-emissivity (Low-E) glass panes filter long-wave radiation from the sun, protecting homes against unwanted heat energy gain in the summer and warm-air loss during the winter. Our replacement home windows also have non-metal Super Spacer® technology made out of 100 percent memory foam. This feature offers anti-mold protection, sound absorption, and protection against heat transfer.

Together with our insulated vinyl siding, eZone home windows from Elite Remodeling Group offer the ultimate in energy efficiency. They will be precision fitted by Elite’s very own team of certified installers, offering year after year of protection against the often extreme temperature and weather conditions in the Chicagoland area.

Since 1993, we have proudly served the exterior home remodeling needs of residents of Chicago, IL, and beyond. To learn more about the many benefits of our eZone products, and discuss why eZone replacement windows and siding might be best for your home, contact Elite Remodeling Group today.


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